Typographic goodies

As designers we appreciate tangible things, not just digital tools as our fonts yet fabulously useful in everyday life. This is why we love Typofonderie’s printed specimens, stickers, and other objects that remind us of our love of typography.

Typographic memorabilia

Typographic keepsakes Typofonderie

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Our memorabilia follow a long typographic tradition. Since decades, typophiles loves to exchange keepsakes between them. The memorabilia is different from the usual type specimen, even if it also show the potential of typeface family. We have various keepsakes letterpress printed to be offered to any of our customers. Two sentences, in three colors available:
— These typefaces are made for working
— My wor(l)d is empty without typography

How to get yours for free? Very simple, add for just more than €200 of items in your shopping cart, and we will add one of our typographic keepsake along the usual printed specimens sent.

Exclusive printed specimens

typofonderie printed specimens

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How to get yours for free? We send our collection of printed type specimens to our customers for free (see the required condition in Purchasing Help page.).

Pdf type specimens

The pdf specimens are available for each of the typeface families.


Typofonderie stickers

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Our stickers are sent with our typeface specimens each week. You can also buy them separately.

Typographic tote bags

Typofonderie totebag

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Since 1997, we produced a Le Monde T-Shirt, baseball caps, regularly followed by other things. The current edition is a lightweight and convenient tote bag for your daily use. Last year edition was a big success, so many happy customers. The last version is: My wor(l)d is empty without typography.

— face 1: Our large T logotype. face 2: My wor(l)d is empty without typography — typofonderie.com
— color: black, silver print
— material & dimensions: cotton, 38 × 42 cm

Typofonderie try-out fonts

We offer try-out fonts, please download them and enjoy! Our Try-out fonts include only lowercases, capitales, figures and a mimimal set of punctuations. Try-out license grants you rights solely for preparatory works, evaluation and internal testings on the desktop computer of the licensed owner. Neither production, nor final sketch, final artwork are permitted, even if you need to use one glyph in your own design design projects. Check the specific end-users license Try-out for details.

Typofonderie free fonts

We propose free fonts, please download them and enjoy!
Free fonts license is limited to non-commercial uses and solely granted for any basic desktop uses and until a project is up to be launched for production and/or is having commercial purposes. Our free fonts follow strictly the usual end user license Free.

AW Conqueror

Typofonderie free wallpapers

We offer several desktop wallpapers, please download them and enjoy!