Typofonderie wallpaper set in Le Monde Livre Classic ready to download

Throughout this 2014 year, designers have created for you specific wallpaper calendars, free to download and set in Typofonderie typefaces. Each month, it’s also a great opportunity to ask few questions to our monthly guest designer. For the month of November 2014, it’s Laura Serra who has chosen the Le Monde Livre Classic, designed by Jean François Porchez. She answers to our questions.

Laura Serra

Laura Serra, Oh Deer, 2014

Laura Serra, Flower Deco, 20144
Illustration projects by Laura Serra.

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Who are you?

I’m Laura Serra, a Sardinian Illustrator and Lettering artist living in Berlin and Oakland. I was born in Southern Germany and made an apprenticeship in Media Design and went to College for Graphic Design.

What inspires you?

Nature inspires me most, second, Music.

Your favorite typeface?

This is quite a difficult question. But currently, I am in love with FF Quixo. Look at it. it’s wonderful.

Your favorite designer?

I’m sorry, but there are so many incredible designers that I adore. A period type designer I’d like to know more of is Giambattista Bodoni. Other than that fella, I like a lot of contemporary type designers. I’m not a type designer, so I guess my view on typefaces is somewhere between the commoner and the artist. I love how Typofonderie teleported Paris into the new century while preserving its grace. Aside from you guys, Laura Meseguer and Frank Grießhammer are just a few of so many I adore. Typographica’s Our Favorites of 2013 shows most of my favorites if you need more names.

Name your favorite book?

I’m currently listening to the audiobook of His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. I love how it has layers of understanding. It’s complicated and incredibly inspiring. When I have time to not stare at my screen I read Handbuch der Beschimpfungen by Dr. Sebastian Freud.

Your favorite place in the world?

Paris. Every time I visited, I felt at home. There is no place like it.

Le Monde Livre Classic wallpaper

What about downloading and installing this typographic desktop wallpaper that Laura Serra has crafted for you with the utmost attention for the month of November 2014? This free wallpaper is set in Le Monde Livre Classic available at Typofonderie.

Typofonderie wallpaper set in Le Monde Livre Classic
Download the wallpaper set in Le Monde Livre Classic, 8000 × 5000 px.


Download the wallpaper set in Le Monde Livre Classic: 8000 × 5000 px
Le Monde Livre Classic by Jean Francois Porchez: A Renaissance style typeface in 6 fonts

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