[righthand] Porchez Typofonderie announce that we achieved the full switch to OpenType format. From the 4th April 2008 all the font families that you can find in our website are in OpenType format. We have take the opportunity of this large change to offer a fully new set of type specimens available in pdf format for each family (check the packages pages for links.) We distribute two kinds of OpenType:

Our Std OpenType fonts are delivered in OpenType format and include a minimum glyph set following Latin 1 encoding, which covers Occidental languages and few others. Some basic OpenType features are provided, depending of the family. A typical example: Ambroise: Add to cart.

— _“Prices start”:/alphabets/howto_order/ at the same prices as past PostScript Type 1 fonts: ? 140 for 2 cpus._

Our OpenType Ptf fonts are delivered in OpenType format and offer a very complete support of various OpenType features, such various set of figures, small caps, additional alternates glyphs, extended kerning, include a minimum character set covering most latin languages. A good example: Parisine Plus Ptf: Add to cart.

— _“Prices start”:/alphabets/howto_order/ at: ? 210 for 8 cpus._

Various upgrades are also available. Please contact us if any questions.