Jean Francois Porchez in Segovia for IV Jornadas para docentes de escuelas de arte

For the fourth Jornadas para docentes de escuelas de arte in Segovia, Spain, Jean François Porchez will address his talk on two topics. 1. Why typography is a vital asset of business communication. Visual identity is built from the colors and typefaces that make up the most fundamental expression of the brand. Meanwhile, the design of typefaces must remain invisible for the convenience of the reader. How to reconcile the contradictions of the typeface designer to meet the needs of his clients? 2. How to pedagogy is intrinsically connected to Jean François’s design practice? He will discuss about his experiences on teaching typography since 1991 and the recent TypeParis international typeface design programme launched in 2015.

When, where?

31th March 2017 — 1st April 2017
IV Jornadas para docentes de escuelas de arte: La Presencia social del diseño.
Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño Casa de los Picos de Segovia. Juan Bravo, 33. 40001, Segovia. Spain.
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EASD Segovia
TypeParis by Dave Coleman on ILoveTypography