As typeface designer, with great ideas and new designs, we will be interested by any of your proposals, in order to integrate your fantastic typefaces into the reputed Typofonderie collection. As our objective is to built certain quality, we collaborate with new designers along the design of their typeface designs, production until launch of the digital fonts by Typofonderie. Part of our job is to help them to See Gazette post about the process of collaboration. The designers royalties are paid quarterly along precise report of the fonts sales.

We looking for typeface design submissions at any stage of completion. The typeface should be planned as a family featuring few styles. Glyph set should follow the Typofonderie PRO glyph set. Check the pdfs available for more precise overview. We can also send you at request, some templates (Indesign) who will help you to built your typeface submission.

Submit your typeface designs

Please submit your proposals by email to:
— newtalents {a}
— or by surface mail to Typofonderie.
We review submission regularly and be sure that we reply to any proposals.

Our designers

Consult the page about the designers distributed by Typofonderie, along their biographies, typeface list.


Type@Paris is the first intensive international type design program in Paris, offering a unique approach in Europe to learn type design from scratch following a long tradition of curriculum started in France in the 70’s. The program will cover traditional drawing and calligraphy techniques, type history, and modern software practices. Trainees will be given the references and perspective to understand the needed key structure of letterforms as a necessary foundation to design contemporary typefaces designs and styles.