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Typofonderie welcomes its visitors, who will find hereafter Typofonderie’s Terms & conditions.

These Terms and Conditions exclusively apply to all person visiting and purchasing on website, edited and operated by Typofonderie whose business address is based at 144 avenue Jean Jaurès, 92140 Clamart, France1.

These Terms & conditions are expressly accepted without reserves, by the visitor of who admits having a perfect knowledge of the said Terms and Conditions, while proceeding to any order on the website, especially special conditions like signing an End User License Agreement when buying Fonts software(s) license(s). The End User is bound by the said Terms and Conditions and any condition not corresponding to the Terms and Conditions set to this term can not be accepted by Typofonderie

These Terms & conditions are subject to be modified at any time and without notice, knowing that the conditions applied on are those at the date of the order. All other terms of sale produced by the visitor of will have no legal value and can not engage the responsibility and/or liability of neither Typofonderie. The access to’s visitor area and / or user area whatever the service, the’ visit tacitly implies that the visitor of accepts the Typofonderie Terms & conditions.

Any online and offline offer highlighted by Typofonderie is reserved to professionals (companies, governments, professionals, institutions, craftsmen, tradesmen, associations) anywhere in the world.
The visitor of is informed that the Terms & conditions do not require a handwritten signature to be accepted and that the validation of his order product online binds him. is liable towards its visitors concerning the proper performance of executions under the contract, either these obligations being performed by itself or by other service providers, without prejudice to its right to appeal against them.

However, may be exempted from all or part of its liability by demonstrating that the non-performance or improper performance of the obligations contained in the contract(s) is attributable either to’s visitor(s) or to the unforeseeable and unavoidable events or causes, a third party unconnected with the provision of benefits under the contract, or a case of « force majeure » or events such as lockout, strike, work stoppage or partial in the factory of the seller or its suppliers, epidemics, war, requisition, fire, flood, interruption or delay in transportation, legal or administrative measures preventing, restricting, delaying or prohibiting the manufacture or goods importation, the seller is relieved of all responsibility for delivery. keeps its visitor informed in a timely manner, of such cases and events, as listed above. In all cases, the timely delivery can only occur if the buyer has met its obligations to whatever the cause.

These conditions of sale are established in both French and English languages.


Typofonderie software (Fonts) are available but not limited to for Macintosh and /or Windows platforms. Typofonderie’s products and other Software are available in any country in the world.

Copyright & licensing

As typographic design, the Typeface generated by the digital font licensed by Typofonderie is protected by the French Intellectual Property Code following but not limited to the Art. L. 111-1, Art. L.112-1, Art. L.112-2, L.122.4 and following, regardless of the country in which you are operating, by the copyright laws and intellectual property code, by other international treaties. By paying, downloading, installing and/or using digital font, you confirm that you have read and accepted the terms of the End user license agreement, which bind you legally to Typofonderie and that you have the legal capacity to contract.
According to any violation, and contrary action to this rule, or if you don’t accept these terms you will not be authorized to use this product/ software. Neither Typofonderie nor its suppliers are allowed in enabling to carry out actions contrary to those prerogatives.

Typofonderie is a registered trademark of ZeAssociates SARL. All Typofonderie’s trademarks, logo, pictures, texts, fonts posted on are the sole property of Typofonderie and its third parties partners. Any use of these trademarks will be granted without the prior agreement of Typofonderie.

Unless express written authorization signed by Typofonderie, it is strictly forbidden to reproduce any information or documents from this website whatever the means, the resource or the form used.

Terms of payment

Typofonderie’s visitor can choose between several payment options offered by Carte Bleue, e-carte bleue (french customers), VISA, MasterCard, American Express.

Payzen is a secure solution created by Lyra-Network and PCI DSS certified. Lyra-Network is a leader in the delivery of French bank flows from the payment terminals. In case of a credit card payment, the client of’s account is debited the day of order and immediate download.


Payment by credit card is in conformity with Payzen payment system. In case of such payment by credit card, the client of’s account is debited the day of the order and immediate download.

Each data registered by constitutes the evidence of all the commercial transactions carried out between Typofonderie and its clients. Any data registered by the payment system Payzen is provided by Payzen and by Crédit Mutuel, used and chosen by the client of (bank or any other establishment) and thus constitutes the evidence of all the financial transactions carried out between Typofonderie and the establishment in question (or any other organization).

Payment by bank transfer

Available only for offline purchases, bank transfer or wire transfer can be organized. Please contact Typofonderie for details of the process.

Payment by check

Check payment is only available for French customers. In such a case, visitors of Typofonderie have to place their order by surface mail with a check enclosed and the printed order form fully completed.
Credit card payment is made in appliance with general conditions of Payzen payment system associated with a distance selling contract from Crédit Mutuel d’Ile de France.

Online order

The visitor and/or the client of can place its/ their order(s) directly on the website Any order coming from a client of having an unsolved payment dispute with Typofonderie may be undelivered or cancelled by

Once the’s client transaction validated by Typofonderie bank, will send to its client a receipt and its access to digital font download. The client will then be able to access to his receipt, invoice and digital font download from his account (My account) at

Offline order

In case a visitor doesn’t want to buy digital font online, he can print and fill out a special order form (in pdf format, available from our Help section) according to his/ her needs and to all necessary informations (address, payment details, e-mail, phone number, country, ..) s/he will sign with its company stamp and then send it back to Typofonderie by email (scan of the order form). For fax order, contact us.

Once the’s client transaction is validated by Typofonderie, will send to its client by e-mail his/her digital font and a receipt.

Special orders

If the visitor of want to order digital font licenses over 1001 users, and/or any special license (which can be embedding fonts via the website) not covered by the standard End User License Agreement, please contact Typofonderie that will send you back a quote.

Prices and VAT

All prices from are in Euro and free of taxes. French and EEC customers of will have to pay the additional French tax “VAT” at 10% (since 1 January 2014) that is calculated during the checking out of your order. VAT will appear on the “Cart total” of the client of checkout and invoice.
Any valid VAT number entered by a business client / person (Euro Zone only) will be checked-out by to validate the order. A valid VAT number will result a total order to be paid tax free, while an invalid VAT number will result a total order including French VAT (10%).

Customers of cannot be charged from any delivery cost concerning online downloading selling, according to the French « guideline » signed on 1997, May 20th: the client can not be reimbursed for the downloaded products on the Internet, « digital font » for Typofonderie.

Thus rule solely applies for online downloading selling. Shipping of mailing costs are charged as announced on the website, when the products are effectively sent in a traditional manner.

Claim & customer service

Typofonderie is solely responsible for offers, contents and commitments of this present website. Typofonderie will directly negotiate each complaint or dispute relative to payment or downloaded goods on this present website. Concerning any other complaint regarding payment transactions, bank or third parties in charge of transaction can be consulted.

Risk transfer

Risks and responsibility for paid products are transferred to the client after s/he has downloaded its order with Typofonderie. Typofonderie is not be held liable once such transfer has occurred. Products are only insured on explicit instructions and expense from the client of and are delivered at the place that the client will have indicated in the order accepted by Typofonderie.
Upon receiving the products, the Typofonderie client must check after downloading and/or the e-mail delivery the conformity of the delivered goods.
For any loss or damage upon receipt, the client of shall report any objection to Typofonderie in accordance with Article L133-3 of the French Commercial Code.

Governing Law

In case of a dispute, the only valuable right is the French law one in front of the Courts of Paris (75 – France).


Under orders, is brought to collect personal data. This data is treated and stored under conditions designed to ensure their safety. Some of these data are essential for the processing of applications or customer orders. Please refer to our Privacy policies for more details.

Warranty & responsibilities

In order to maintain compliance with these Terms and Conditions, Typofonderie reserves the right to control anytime any information, documents and materials present on whatever its reason.

However, Typofonderie is not able to review all content posted by visitors on, such as comments to blog posts. Typofonderie can not therefore be blamed or to be held liable for the records, informations, errors or materials posted by visitors from In order to maintain compliance with the law or French and international regulations, Typofonderie reserves itself the right at all times to edit, delete, or not to distribute any content that is not in compliance with current laws and / or are contrary to Conditions & Terms.

At last, materials and services provided by Typofonderie do not and will not be warranty of any kind from Typofonderie. Under no circumstances does Typofonderie agree nor endorses the accuracy or sustainability of the publications of visitors and third parties posted or distributed by Any Typofonderie visitor hereby recognize that any reliance upon any opinion, advice, statement, memorandum, or information is at its own risk. Typofonderie reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to correct any errors or omissions in any portion of

Text and images

Any message published by a visitors of becomes irrevocably and free of charge the full ownership of Typofonderie with a worldwide coverage. Its use by Typofonderie is unlimited in time, in use for any purpose (including business use) and typofonderie will not accept any claim of any nature whatsoever.

Typofonderie tries to present a detailed description of its offer to provide visitors a better understanding of products they plan to buy. Typofonderie gathered every efforts and expertise to ensure the accuracy of information presented on However, Typofonderie can not guarantee its accuracy even for editorial products, images and product specifications. or its suppliers are not responsible for the consequences, incidental or special damages resulting from electronic transmission or the accuracy of the information transmitted even if became aware of the possibility of such damages. reserves the right to change product descriptions (text, images, features, videos, etc …) at any time and without notice.
Photographs, graphics, texts and videos of the products presented on are not under contract and the Typofonderie’s responsibility can not be held for non matching section in the information provided on All trademarks are the property of Typofonderie and their respective owners. Names of manufacturers are used solely for identification purposes. We regret any omission and any brand, if any, do not intend to violate the rights in those marks.

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