All prices from are in Euro and free of taxes. French and EU customers (doesn’t apply to international customers) of will have to pay the additional French tax “VAT” at 10% (7% until the 31 December 2013) that is calculated during the checking out of your order. VAT will appear on the “Cart total” of the client of checkout and invoice. EU customers (doesn’t apply to French customers): To avoid paying the French VAT, during the purchase, you can indicate your valid EU VAT number. In this case rather than paying the french 10% VAT, you will have to paid your local VAT.

Customers of cannot be charged from any delivery cost concerning online downloading selling, according to the French “guideline” signed on 1997, May 20th: the client can not be reimbursed for the downloaded products on the Internet, “Digital Font” for Typofonderie.

Thus rule solely applies for online downloading selling. Shipping of mailing costs are charged as announced on the website, when the products are effectively sent in a traditional manner.