Two categories of fonts are available at Typofonderie. The PRO fonts offer the best experience, when STD fonts are the most affordable, and propose less functionalities. Each typeface page propose a good comparison, from OpenType features to glyph and language support. With a minimal difference of €10 between two categories, we recommand to buy the fully exclusive PRO fonts.

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PRO fonts

Typofonderie exclusive PRO fonts
From €55 (~ $70) by font.

The PRO collection propose an excellent support of OpenType features. Each typeface family feature specific features who can extend easily the possibilities of the typeface. PRO fonts is the best option for professional designers who looking for high level of typography setting. This PRO collection is fully exclusive, font distributors sold only the STD collection.

Almost all Latin languages and few others are covered.

STD fonts

Typofonderie STD fonts
From €45 (~ $57) by font.

The STD collection propose a limited support of OpenType features. STD fonts could work if you need to set few headlines or any basic use of typography.

Only occidental languages (Latin 1) are covered.

note: AW Conqueror Slab, Inline, Carved are only available in STD versions and include
almost all Latin languages and few others are covered.