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Typofonderie + ZeCraft, a new era

Based in Clamart (France) from the end of 2008, Typofonderie as foundry is dedicated to the distribution of a selection of high quality tyeface designs, when ZeCraft focus on the bespoke typefaces and lettering projects. The today version of the website typofonderie.com launched in 2012 was created by the fantastic Paravel team.

How its started

This foundry born in Malakoff (France) unofficially circa 1994 under the name Porchez Typofonderie, launched his first retails typefaces in 1995 with Apolline, Angie Sans and Anisette. Its the first sales who made the foundry official! The initial objective of the foundry was to propose the Jean Francois Porchez typefaces in a exclusive way without the help of retails-local distributors. The website under the URL porcheztypo.com was launched in middle of 1997 in same time as the launch of the big family Le Monde. In 1999, with the launch of the E-commerce with immediate downloads and secure payments, the domain name typofonderie.com started his life and remain the only domain name used today.

Typofonderie is a subdivision of ZeAssociates, a company registered as rsc Paris 538 525 460, France. Typofonderie. ZeCraft a company registered as rsc Paris 538 525 361, France. Our brands are registered trademarks, Marques déposées à l’Inpi. PTF remain our historical registered vendor code at Microsoft.