Typofonderie typefaces in use

We have a dedicated typefaces in use section which shows the work of our happy clients since 2003. Organised by typefaces, it’s the best place to see how a particular typeface looks like in a specific application. In addition, our Typofonderie Gazette showcases more deeply some specific projects.

In Use: García Media choose Mislab for SonntagsBlick
In use: Cafés Belleville choose Ardoise
In use: Done not done meet Parisine Plus
In use: The unexpected choice of Ambroise for Wired
In use: The Reflex Group wise choice of AW Conqueror for their Seat Maybelline ads
In use: Modern Art Club
In use: Reset the City of Hertogenbosch
In use: La Belle Juliette

Do you use Typofonderie typefaces? If so, show us! We will be pleased to discover your typographic skills, and include your projects to our pages.

How to?

1. Contact us by email:
2. Object field: [inuse] project name, Typofonderie typeface name
3. Content: Present yourself, explain a bit about your project, why you selected this typeface in particular and few words about the other typefaces used.
4. Include appropriate credit and contact details, including links to your portfolio or a web page where the work is presented.
5. Attach few images (6 max.), 1600 px wide, screen resolution.

Et voilà! …or visit the typefaces in use section.