font licence for artwork, derivative versions, for logotypes, etc.

In our end user license, digital files, eps, artwork created from our typefaces in which the type is the main visual element, such as a logotype or a phrase, alphabet-themed products, T-shirts, mugs, etc. are generally considered as derivative (in the sense of the Intellectually Property code), simply because its produced by using the direct original outlines via transform as paths in Adobe Illustrator (to take one example). So, reselling this artwork to a third party break potentially the license. As its not easy to evaluate the needs, the best is to simply contact us and explain.

However, usual non-digital documents, publications, posters, etc. using any of our digital fonts in production would be considered a normal covered fully by the standard end user license.

This artwork licence should be purchased in addition to any corresponding usual license (direct purchases) depending the numbers of users of the corresponding styles/weights/collections. If this artwork is intended for a non profit organisation, or a special cases, contact us and explain.

Artwork license prices

The following price structure is based on one style/weight STD font or PRO font. If you directly sold the product you created, the best is to contact us and explain your needs.

— First line on top refer to the size of your own company1.
— First row on left indicate the size of the company2 to which you will sold your design.

your company1 up to 1 (C1) up to 10 (C2) up to 50 (C3) up to 100 (C4)
Micro firms2 € 28 € 61 € 251 € 407
Small firms2 € 55 € 121 € 500 € 810
Medium firms2 € 109 € 243 € 1000 € 1620
Large firms2 € 165 € 367 € 1510 € 2446

1 Your company size:
— C1: company up to 1 or 1 self employed,
— C2: company up to 10 workers,
— C3: company up to 50 workers,
— C4: company up to 100 workers.
Please consult us if your own company is above 100 workers employed.

2 Firms (final):
— Micro firms: up to 10 employees,
— Small firms: up to 50 employees,
— Medium firms: up to 250 employees,
— Large firms: up to 500 employees.
Please consult us if the firm size to which you sell your design is above 500 persons employed, same if your own company is above 100 persons employed.