Thank you very much for visiting, for your interest in our work and especially in the various typographic related designs we offer. If you plan to or confirm a purchase on our website, would you please take a few minutes and read carefully the following information:

Typofonderie is a “typographic label” that brings together type designers works selected with great care by our team. We are “experts in love” with the type design. Our engine is to be very committed concerning the compliance to our codes of trade, quality, creativity, taste for well done work & design innovation. We create, publish and distribute works, books & softwares in the fields of graphic and typographic design.

It is a full-time job which requires lots of time, patience, love and humility.
This work is neither a hobby nor a charity business, far away from it.

Copying and/or stealing licenses and the non-respect of this work constitute a sad reality that unfortunately contributes to the disappearance of quality craftsmanship to the profit of the “quick and dirty”! No need to have a strong imagination to guess what would happen if your clients, your company, your boss or yourself act in an illegal matter: by deciding not to pay for your work or just because an internal customer department (communication, marketing, editing,…) or external (design, communication, advertising agencies, etc.) have failed to acquire rights on the licenses! We estimate that more than half of the Typofonderie fonts in use are not licensed at all.

We do not solely live with love and fresh water. Our work needs to be paid to create more, design more innovative typefaces, still build quality and differentiation. As well, you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors and communicate with legibility, subtlety and harmony.

For these reasons, Typofonderie invites you to read this license agreement with the greatest attention and thank you again warmly for inquiring on the licenses you or your company need to use our typefaces.

End user license Agreement