This website is easiest way to buy one typeface from Typofonderie’s unique collection. Jump to Fonts section, select the right typeface with the help of our categories, filter helps, recommendations at the bottom of each typeface detail tab. Add to cart your choice, select the right number of users, fill out the payment page, download the font and invoice (or later from your account/orders page), install it right after in your computer (Mac OS or Windows). Alternatively, you can buy some of our tangible products on the Ze Boutique dedicated section.

easy font download

Specific needs during purchase

— You can’t buy with a credit card?
— French VAT at 10% apply only french and EU customers since 1st January 2014.
— As designer, as agency, you buy for one of your client?
— You are student or a school? We have specific offers for you!
— As software distributor, you need fonts?
— You need fonts for your website?
— How your license works for Apps fonts, embedded fonts in digital products?
— Do you need a PRO font or STD font?
— What is a font Collection?
— How to get your typographic goodies?

Installation and use

— Generally, its easy to install any OpenType font, depending you’re on Mac OS or Windows, you may find the right info, just in case.
— Our OpenType fonts proposed various OpenType features, detailed explanation is proposed on the dedicated page. Pro fonts offer the best support.
— You want to confirm if your language is supported?

Contact us

— If you need help during purchase, we will do our best to reply to your questions. Simply use the form or call us (be careful to adjust your time, we are based in Paris, France).
— You are having problems navigating, downloading? Check the version of your browser.
— Trouble with font installation, or can’t find the right option in your font, we will do our best to help you, but generally, its more easy, if we know more about your problem: Computer model, Operating system version, software used, their versions, even with screen capture and any details who can help to understand your problem. Simply use the form or call us (be careful to adjust your time, we are based in Paris, France).