Typofonderie wallpaper set in Ardoise ready to download

Throughout this 2014 year, designers have created for you specific wallpaper calendars, free to download and set in Typofonderie typefaces. Each month, it’s also a great opportunity to ask few questions to our monthly guest designer. For the month of September 2014, it’s Laura Meseguer who has chosen the Ardoise, designed by Jean François Porchez. She answers to our questions.

Laura Meseguer

Laura Meseguer, Script alphabet and N large letter, 2014

Laura Meseguer, Big Two, 2014

Laura Meseguer, Petit Sesame logotype, 2014
Posters & lettering projects by Laura Meseguer.

Website laurameseguer.com
Twitter Laura Meseguer
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Behance Laura Meseguer
Author of the books Typomag. Typography in magazines and How to create typefaces

Who are you?

I come from Barcelona, Spain.

What inspires you?

Many things: books, music, my friends and all the signs I see around and share in my Instagram account ;)

Your favorite typeface?

Lettering and scripts from the 50s and 60s.

Your favorite designer?

Roger Excoffon from that time and Ken Barber at House Industries from the actual one.

Name your favorite book?

At this moment, Adrian Frutiger Typefaces. The complete works because it’s probably the best book on Type Design you can get now and Richard Sennett’s The Craftsman as I think of type design as a craft.

Your favorite place in the world?

Amsterdam, half of my heart is there.

Ardoise wallpaper

What about downloading and installing this typographic desktop wallpaper that Laura Meseguer has crafted for you with the utmost attention for the month of September 2014? This free wallpaper is set in Ardoise available at Typofonderie.

Typofonderie wallpaper set in Ardoise
Download the wallpaper set in Ardoise, 8000 × 5000 px.


Download the wallpaper set in Ardoise: 8000 × 5000 px
Ardoise by Jean Francois Porchez: A straightforward sanserif typeface in 45 fonts, 4 widths.

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