Typofonderie wallpaper set in Ardoise ready to download

Throughout this 2014 year, designers have created for you specific wallpaper calendars, free to download and set in Typofonderie typefaces. Each month, it’s also a great opportunity to ask few questions to our monthly guest designer. For the month of March 2014, it’s Stéphane Elbaz who has chosen the Ardoise, designed by Jean François Porchez. He answers to our questions.

Stéphane Elbaz

Stéphane Elbaz, GQ France website, 2013

Stéphane Elbaz, Art in America website, 2013

Stéphane Elbaz, Cottage Miami, 2013
Recent projets by Stéphane Elbaz.

Stéphane Elbaz
Stéphane Elbaz at Typofonderie
Twitter @stephaneelbaz

Who are you?

I am from Paris France, I’ve been based in New York since 2009. I am designer and a type designer. Recently my design practice has been focused on web publishing platforms, some branding projects and I continue developing my personal type design projects.

What inspires you?


Your favorite typeface?

The typefaces that I die to know by who, when and where they were made the first moment I see them.

Your favorite designer?

My favorite period of design is around the 2050’s.

Name your favorite book?

I really need to read this Teju Cole book called Open City.

Your favorite place in the world?

I’ve never been to Shanghai.

Ardoise Pro wallpaper

What about downloading and installing this typographic desktop wallpaper that Stéphane Elbaz has crafted for you with the utmost attention for the month of March 2014? This free wallpaper is set in Ardoise Pro available at Typofonderie.

Typofonderie wallpaper set in Ardoise
Download the wallpaper set in Ardoise, 8000 × 5000 px.


Download the wallpaper set in Ardoise: 8000 × 5000 px
Ardoise by Jean François Porchez:A straightforward sanserif typeface in 45 fonts, 4 widths
A wallpaper calendar january 2014 featuring Anisette Petite
A wallpaper calendar february 2014 featuring Mislab
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