Typofonderie wallpaper set in Angie Sans ready to download

Throughout this 2014 year, designers have created for you specific wallpaper calendars, free to download and set in Typofonderie typefaces. Each month, it’s also a great opportunity to ask few questions to our monthly guest designer. For the month of December 2014, it’s Claudia de Almeida who has chosen the Angie Sans, designed by Jean François Porchez. She answers to our questions.

Claudia de Almeida

  • Claudia de Almeida portfolio, Typofonderie Gazette
  • Claudia de Almeida portfolio, Typofonderie Gazette
  • Claudia de Almeida portfolio, Typofonderie Gazette
  • Claudia de Almeida portfolio, Typofonderie Gazette
  • Claudia de Almeida portfolio, Typofonderie Gazette
  • Claudia de Almeida portfolio, Typofonderie Gazette
  • Claudia de Almeida portfolio, Typofonderie Gazette
  • Claudia de Almeida portfolio, Typofonderie Gazette
  • Claudia de Almeida portfolio, Typofonderie Gazette
  • Claudia de Almeida portfolio, Typofonderie Gazette
Design by Claudia de Almeida.

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Who are you?

I am Claudia de Almeida, a graphic designer based in San Francisco, CA, USA. I was born and raised in Brazil but attended college at The School of Visual Arts in NYC and have been working in the USA since then. Right now, I split time between New York, San Francisco and Seattle and wherever great projects will take me.

The best thing about a recent project you’ve achieved?

Earlier in the year I left my position as Design Director at Wired. I am very proud of the work I was able to do there and the team and design culture I was able to establish during my time at Wired. I left Wired in June 2014 to pursue doing different kinds of projects, and to be able to spend more time in New York, Seattle and in Brazil with my family, so I started a design studio with my design colleague at Wired, Margaret Swart.

The studio is called o Banquinho which means The Tiny Bank in English. It’s a homage to my father who died many years ago, and to the concept that sometimes in order to do great things you have to go small. I am extremely proud of making the leap from full time employee, to working independently.

The first and latest was the redesign of Real Simple magazine. Real Simple has a great history of incredible Creative Directors and Art Directors and has had many beautiful iterations. I felt lucky to be asked to refresh the look recently, and I was thankful for the risks that they allowed me to take with the layout of the magazine. The current Design Director Abbey Prokell, Photo Director Casey Tierney Stenger and the Editor-in-Chief Kristin Van Ogtrop, were dream clients.

My main goal was to keep the pages clean but not boring, to remove all the design decoration and do it all with type and image (photo and illustration). It’s a complex system of typefaces woven in together but that complement each other. One of the mandates of the redesign was also to include more color on the pages, so I did a pretty extensive color study in order to come up with a unique color palette and system for them. It was a lot of fun.

What inspires you?

Great content. Great ideas and great contributors. Food and fashion. Particularly for color and texture.

Your favorite typeface?

Oh boy. I love all kinds. Really, truly. It all depends on project, but I guess if I had to hang it on my wall like an art piece I probably go for a geometric sanserif font. I am a sucker for Futura.

Your favorite designer?

Another hard one. There are so many. Well, I am extremely inspired by Herb Lubalin. I also love Paul Rand, Wim Crouwel and Max Huber.

Name your favorite book?

Herb Lubalin by Adrian Shaughnessy designed by Spin published by Unit Editions. 1953 World Geo-Graphic Atlas by Walter Paepcke’s designed by Herbert Bayer for Container Corporation of America.

These are just too gorgeous and very inspiring books. Adrian’s book is a gorgeous overview of Lubalin’s career, and if you are a type nerd like myself you will adore this book. Lubalin was an extremely smart and skilled graphic designer and an absolute type master.

Herbert Bayer’s is incredible. It was a project that took three years to complete and if you take in consideration that everything was done by hand I can’t believe it didn’t take 10 years! Page by page there is an obvious documentation of the incredible skill of the design team and Creative Director that worked on this project. I love all the graphs and charts and page geometries of this book. There is also amazing use of color and texture, it’s just a gem of a book.

Your favorite place in the world?

Seattle. I love Seattle. It’s such a beautiful city, the air is crisp, the people are amazing. I like to go there to decompress from all the running around from my normal days in San Francisco and New York.

I have recently fallen in love with Copenhagen as well. Trying to get back there every year. It’s a fantastic city, with amazing food and great people.

Angie Sans wallpaper

What about downloading and installing this typographic desktop wallpaper that Claudia de Almeida has crafted for you with the utmost attention for the month of December 2014? This free wallpaper is set in Angie Sans available at Typofonderie.

Typofonderie wallpaper set in Angie Sans
Download the wallpaper set in Angie Sans, 8000 × 5000 px.


Download the wallpaper set in Angie Sans: 8000 × 5000 px
Angie Sans by Jean Francois Porchez: A Sanserif with human touch in 6 fonts

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