Typomad: Jean François Porchez speaking in Madrid, 2014

Typomad is Madrid’s typographic celebration, an annual event where talks, exhibitions and typography workshops floods the capital of Spain. This year, the main theme of the event will be “The hidden part of typography”. Recovering historic figures, innovations and new ways of understanding type. Jean François Porchez will be speaking at this event jointly organized by Di_Mad & Chulotype in Madrid, Spain. During his lecture, Jean François Porchez will open a debate over how to approach typeface design and its role in the contemporary world, similar to how design and visual identity were formulated during the 1960s.

Typography has become a natural extension of the visual identity of the most diverse organizations, governments and businesses, for their publications and products. Typeface design is at a pivotal point in its history, thanks to new creative technologies and uses. Letters and by extension, typographic signs, have always been witness to the conveyance of thoughts between author and reader. Nowadays, the typeset text is not only tied to the world of the books. Since the industrial revolution and the globalization of education, typography has become the gateway to texts and contents, and is a key element of communication between people. We have reached a cross-roads which bears discussion.

When, where?

Typomad (Spanish-English)
Friday 14 to Saturday 15 November 2014
Matadero Madrid
Plaza de Legazpi, 8. 28045 Madrid.
2 days conference tickets 35€ — Early bird tickets 30€

Speakers list: Dave Crossland, Benoît Bodhuin, Andreu Balius, Joancarles Casasín, Prototypo team, Nano Torres, Noe Blanco, Octavio Pardo, Raquel Pelta, Manuel Sesma, Rafa Galeano, Carlos de Toro, José Román, Rubén Chumillas, Penela & Dimas, José M. Cerezo, Chema Ribagorda & Jean François Porchez.


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