new typofonderie website design by Paravel and various changes in 2012

Redesigning a website is never a small detail. It started in May 2011, when I asked to Tim Brown and Jason Santa Maria for suggestions:

I have just the folks you should talk to, some good friends of ours at Paravel I’ve worked with them on numerous projects, and they are fast, intelligent, and very good. I highly recommend them!

At Typofonderie, we suddenly realized that these guys were behind many projects, from Letteringjs to FitText in addition to various publications about Responsive design. After some exchanges by email and a unique call (the unique one between us during the entire project), they started to propose ideas, solutions and innovative design. Prerequisite from their side was to create responsive design featuring webfonts. From our side, it was a bunch of things that a foundry should propose on its unique boutique website: Bilingual, large type samples, easy fonts search, direct payment1 on the website (in France, generally payment is handled externally by the bank, adding unnecessary steps during purchase), font download, and many others things. Too many things for sure, considering the limited budget we could afford!

Meanwhile, we switched to a new visual identity, removing Porchez from the brand. A new identity which reflects the changes, from a foundry which offered only my fonts to a foundry who distribute exclusively fonts from various designers (we have few launches already planned). But such small decision pushed us to rebuilt completely our font library. Now, Typofonderie offers two collections the STD collection, non-exclusive and the PRO collection, fully exclusive: Almost 400 fonts to rebuild. We also reworked the price system which was implemented in 1997 and still in function until January 2012. Now prices start for one user. Even, in some cases collections should be cheaper than before: Le Monde Courrier PRO 4 weights start at 146 euros (before: 3 weights for 210 euros) and just 119 euros for the STD version (before: 3 weights for 140 euros). Along the simple technical upgrade to PRO fonts, we have added features on some of the existing typeface families.

Le Monde

Le Monde extended font family

Le Monde extended font family + Ardoise

Featuring four subfamilies, Le Monde sets now offer additional weights, such as Book weight to be used for smaller type sizes along the Regular used for main text on a design. Le Monde Sans PRO propose a new and more traditional g (access via OpenType features), Le Monde Courrier PRO features two new forms: g + e (access via OpenType features too). Recall that Ardoise launched last year was built around same verticals metrics than the rest of Le Monde, so they should match well as this example: Le Monde Livre used for text combined with Ardoise as titling typeface. Finally, Le Monde Livre Classic in its PRO version features 1700 glyphs by weight reach the last phase of intensive testing of its numerous OpenType features, it will be launched in a near future.

Buy Le Monde Courrier the coupon: “15_LMC” 15% off for a limited time.

Angie Sans

Angie Sans relaunched in 2012 by Typofonderie

Angie Sans, is one of the first typefaces even published by Typofonderie, back middle of the nineties. At this time the design was created on paper, scanned and built via Ikarus software. Later converted to Bézier curve with Robofog, the outlines required a new adjustment to perform at their best. It what we have done last year with Mathieu Réguer. Angie Sans with its subtle shapes will work nicely for any delicate design, such Cosmetics, fine packaging and exhibit catalogs, among others things. Now available in 6 series, featuring the large Typofonderie glyph set, its your next license purchase!

Not everything is yet implemented (web is synonym of perpetual evolution), but the new website offers now an excellent user experience that the previous website, designed in 2003 wasn’t able anymore. Built on a maximum width of 1250 px, we just hope that you will enjoy rediscovering old typefaces, and comeback for new fonts from various designers in the forthcoming months. Time for you to surf, test the fonts online, download pdf specimens and use finest typefaces. This redesign period was a fabulous but complex project, well handled by Dave, Reagan, Trent at Paravel and Audrey, Jérémy, Mathieu, Octavio, Thierry, Véronique and myself at Typofonderie. Thanks to all!

Jean François Porchez

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