Jean François Porchez speaks at Typofest, Bulgaria

Typofonderie will be at Typofest, in Bulgaria for the conference day and typeface design workshop. Jean François Porchez will speaks about the visible Invisibility of Words on Saturday 26 May 2018. Our printed typeface specimens will be available to attendees. Together with Mathieu Réguer, the duo will conduct a letterform workshop under the TypeParis banner. The ambition of this 2 days workshop is not to design a complete typeface but to provide attendees with the necessary tools to better understand the typographic letterforms and make them discover a working method to draw their own alphabets and own letters. From tangible to digital world.


Saturday 26 May 2018
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
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Workshop Nº4 Letterform Design

Mathieu Réguer & Jean François Porchez
Monday Monday 28 to Tuesday 29 May 2018
Soho: 4 Iskar Street, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
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