Time to choose between Mislab and Ardoise typefaces from Typofonderie

Why making a choice? Because they indeed may not work so well when employed together. Due to their style, Mislab as Ardoise are particularly suited to a masculine universe, tech environments, serious and rigorous. When it comes to talking about economics, sport cars, technology toys, they will bring your layouts a beautiful vibration. The Mislab and Ardoise are the most complete typeface families available on Typofonderie library. And now available in STD versions.

They share a lot in common: both are 100% exclusive, and more than that, Ardoise as Mislab both offer a large range of weights in different widths, from normal to compact. They are highly resistant to the most extreme conditions of use. Ardoise is a sanserif that, via its design, accentuates the counters which brings to texts an “inner light,” particularly helpful for good legibility and clarity. Mislab is a typeface featuring strong serifs but designed as a sanserif: low contrast, open counters, some of its glyphs even don’t feature any vertical serifs, which concert it a certain inimitable style, while affirming his readability.

Pair Ardoise and Mislab with other typefaces!

While Ardoise and Mislab do not match very well together, they pair very well with other typefaces available at Typofonderie. As often, it’s the contrast that allows a good combination of two typefaces. The contrast can be played in several ways: difference of type size, weight used, and style. Too close Font style may not marry well.

Mislab + Ambroise by Typofonderie
Mislab and Ambroise.

Mislab + Le Monde Livre by Typofonderie
Mislab and Le Monde Livre.

Mislab + Parisine by Typofonderie
Mislab and Parisine.

The Mislab typeface is a strong, without “contrast, rigorous, a little square. Used in body texts, it will work very well with a delicate Ambroise Didone used for headlines. Le Monde Livre can be used in body text as captioning when mixed with Mislab in your layouts. And if you need a sanserif, the roundness of Parisine provides the necessary contrast for a successful typographical marriage with Mislab.

Ardoise + Ambroise by Typofonderie
Ardoise and Ambroise.

Ardoise + Le Monde Courrier by Typofonderie
Ardoise and Le Monde Courrier.

Ardoise + Le Monde Journal by Typofonderie
Ardoise and Le Monde Journal.

Ardoise is a powerful, angular, little sharp in stroke endings, static and dynamic in the same time. A round and generous typeface like Geneo will provide a good contrast, specially when used in body text. Le Monde Courrier brings roundness to the Ardoise, while keeping a technical connotation to your designs. Ardoise used in display sizes, as well in captions together with Le Monde Journal as texteface will create an ideal atmosphere for a serious newspaper or publication where information predominates.

Mislab, covers a wide range of applications and provides foolproof stability to your layouts

Mislab font by Xavier Dupré for Typofonderie

Referred to as Egyptian’s in the early years of the nineteenth century, today slab serifs are primarily used in display sizes but seldom used in body text. With Mislab, Xavier Dupré has designed a brighter and more legible slab serif than most. Mislab aptly combines the strength of a slab serif with the lightness of a sans serif. Bold and thick serifs make for strong impact in display uses while performing extremely well under the most stressful body text conditions. A slight cursive feel adds spice to the text while its delicate rounded rectangular structure is naturally adapted to screen displays. The capitals have fully assumed serifs while the lowercases have more discreet versions. Notable features include sanserif endings on the lowercase a, c, e & s, inducing fluidity and enhanced readability. This highly versatile typeface brings clarity to headlines.

Mislab font by Xavier Dupré for Typofonderie

Mislab font by Xavier Dupré for Typofonderie

The Mislab family covers a wide range of applications thanks to the 32 styles in 3 widths & italics. Dingbats and optimized arrows are available through the family styles as a & g alternates. Mislab will provide foolproof stability to your layouts.

Ardoise met the needs of publications

Ardoise font by Jean François Porchez for Typofonderie

Ardoise was born from a research started with the Charente typeface created in 1999. The later, designed for the daily La Charente Libre, met the needs of a newpapers typeface featuring a low contrast, straightforward forms, as Franklin Gothic. The weight completion of the family, including italics was a first stage, followed by the extension to condensed series for the public launch at Typofonderie few months later. The verticals metrics and proportions of Ardoise match perfectly Le Monde extended family. Ardoise, inspired by the needs of today’s fine newspapers offers simple and tense shapes designed to renew and revitalize. Ardoise and its 45 series could be considered as an homage to Antique Olive, but quite indirectly and as an organic result of the designer’s longstanding admiration of the work of Roger Excoffon. Ardoise shares a purity and dynamics with Excoffon’s designs giving it a unique elegance and excellent readability. Its sturdiness means it is virtually immune it to distortion.

Ardoise font, designed by Jean François Porchez for Typofonderie

Ardoise font, designed by Jean François Porchez for Typofonderie

Ardoise font, designed by Jean François Porchez for Typofonderie

Each Ardoise font features a full glyph set covering nearly all languages which use the latin script. All typographic needs are provided for including small caps, various set of figures, dingbats & so on. In addition, a few alternates glyphs (a, c, g, l) can be used to alter the overall tone of a text setting.

Availability of Mislab STD and Ardoise STD typefaces

The 32 Mislab OpenType fonts are available in exclusive STD and PRO versions.
Download Mislab pdf specimen.
→ From € 45 for the STD version.
→ From € 55 for the PRO version.

The 45 Ardoise OpenType fonts are available in exclusive STD and PRO versions.
Download Ardoise pdf specimen.
→ From € 45 for the STD version.
→ From € 55 for the PRO version.

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