Slanted, Type Navigator, Issue featuring Typofonderie

During the past months, several publications are escaped from our vigilance. The first of them is the Type Navigator. This book published in September 2011 is more than just a compilation of portfolio of digital typeface foundries.

It’s not as often seen, a compilation of everything available, but a proper selection, a choice, who works like a wine guide who will selected some wine grape varieties, adding all the background information necessary to make our own choice. Indeed each independent designer or foundry is widely highlighted. Many pages are dedicated to their typefaces and projects, like a true printed catalog of typefaces, generally seen only as basic images or pdf on the web. This book is even better than the printed catalogs of reputable foundries, as Linotype and FontShop. The highlight remain the introductory text by Jan Middendorp, who has published many excellent books as Dutch Type, or Creative Characters in 2010, resuming his interviews with designers made for He analyze the market for very finely foundries market, changes, new developments, a real in-depth work was conducted by the author. Just for his text, the purchase Type Navigator is highly recommended. Of course, Typofonderie is well represented, but in its previous form, as it was relaunched under a new form since the new website in February 2012.

Slanted, Type Navigator, Issue featuring Typofonderie

In the special issue Bold/Light of the German magazine Slanted #16 (edited by Magma Brand Design), not only Dark weights of Ambroise are represented, and used to set some articles, but Jean Francois Porchez sign the introductory article, Soulful Type. For many years, Black weights represent a kind of signature of the designer. He explains through this article the methods and strategies for creating typeface families, his references, such as Stilla from François Boltana, Galliard Black from Matthew Carter or the beautiful Sequana, by José Mendoza. Finally, he draw parallels (not scientifically proved) between Soul music (aka “Black” music) and his interest in extrem weights such Black or Black Italic.

The Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD), publishes a collection of short publications produced after workshops, or following visits of lecturers at school. Issue # 22 is a transcript of an interview with Jean Francois Porchez (available in French only) conducted by students during his visit to the school in 2010, following the invitation of Catherine Gottraux-Roos and Pierre-Alain Giesser to conduct a workshop on typeface design. The publication was designed by Virginie Nessim. They included typographic posters made by students, with a constrain to use Parisine only, also used to set the text of the interview.


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