Six Mooc with Jean François Porchez about typographic design in French

The Mooc Digital Media Paris was created by the City of Paris school, EPSAA. This is a serie of online videos through their transversalities address many issues around the digital world. Dominique Moulon came to Typofonderie in February 2016 to meet Jean François Porchez and talk about typography and design. The six videos are online (in French), enjoy.

Watch the Mooc Digital Media Paris videos

1. Typographic design.
How to differentiate Typofonderie and Zecraft activities. What is the function of typography?

2. Typographic shapes and pictographic forms.
Logos, icons, typographic signs. Their functions and uses.

3. Designing typefaces and digital tools.
Bézier curves, PostScript language, OpenType fonts, type design tools.

4. Typefaces, from paper to screen.
Design evolution and functions.

5. Typographic culture.
Renewed interest in typography and practice of writing. Letterpress printing, lettering.

6. Copyright, economy.
Font licenses, users and supports.

Videos directed by Giampiero D’Angeli.


Mooc Digital Media Paris: Jean François Porchez
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