In August 2011, Pascal Béjean, graphic designer by profession, but a photographer during his spare time, came to visited us. A gray day, which will give a series of photos in chiaroscuro, appreciated by the team. With his photo reports, Pascal’s desire is to built a resource about the designers of today, seen of their studios. He wants to see the reality behind signatures. “Emigre’s 43rd issue title says it all: Designers are People Too (1997). Behind design, a poster, or cookies packaging, there are human beings!” he says. Pascal Béjean gives a lot to the community through his sublime series of photos. What was his thoughts, following his visit of Typofonderie?: “It’s smaller than I actually thought, I fantasized a different place and still do not know if Jean Francois is dead serious or deadpan?”

He use an Hasselblad 503, with Ilford delta 3200 and Kodak 800 films. The previous photo report was with Étienne Robial, the next Thomas Petitjean.

View of the studio: Marc Rouault back-view working on Anisette Pro, near the windows, a Lambretta SX 175.

Jean François working on a Mencken Text Italic Black.

Wall next to Jean François’s desk.

Framed Angie artwork (before digital), with Morisawa letter announcing the award, 1989.

Collection of envelopes, the first by John Downer well know for his hand-painted typography.

Pascal Béjean, photographie.
Photo report at Typofonderie: 2011, August 12nd. Typofonderie, with Véronique Porchez, Octavio Pardo Virto, Marc Rouault, and Mathieu Réguer (spiritually).