?Renault Identité?:alphabets/view/Renault is a custom typeface designed in 2004 by Jean François Porchez for Renault group, via Publicis worldwide. The new typeface, developed from the ?Renault lettering?:http://www.renault.com/presse/detail.cfm?langue=2&id_rub=2&id=8540 created by Eric de Berranger, will cover all latin languages. Built in ?OpenType?:alphabets/technical/opentypesupport format, the use is restricted to Renault brands in various countries. Its an exclusive typeface.

Without having any official confirmation, the old ?Renault?:http://www.myfonts.com/search?search%5Btext%5D=Renault typeface designed during the 70?s and already less and less used, will no longer be used by Renault.