typeface design workshop, Jean François Porchez and Karen Cheng, University of Washington, Seattle

The first was about Sabon Next and Henderson projects, and was hosted by Geoffrey Turnovsky course about the impact of the printing press in 16th-18th-century Europe at Washington University. Another about logotypes and bespoke fonts, organised jointly by French-American chambers of commerce and Alliance Française. The main lecture, Letters from France, was presented by the UW Simpson Center for the Humanities, the Division of Design in the School of Art and the Division of French & Italian Studies and was very well received by an eager audience of 300 people. As the conference was sold out and given that many people were left at the door, the Division of Design in the School of Art has managed to record the conference. The video quality is not perfect, but always interesting!

Part 1Part 2 –– Part 3 –– Part 4

photos by Samuel Cook.