Available through 31 May 2008.
[lettrine]T[/lettrine]o celebrate the launch of the ?Le Monde Courrier PTF,?:alphabets/view/LeMondeCourrierPTF clients benefit a special price of only ? 168 (standard price at ? 210) for the ?Le Monde Courrier PTF?:/alphabets/view/LeMondeCourrierPTF and ?Le Monde Courrier PTF b.?:/alphabets/view/LeMondeCourrierPTFb Please ?contact us.?:contact for the activation of the offer in your account page.

[image]Le Monde Livre PTF

Please check the ?extensive pdf specimen.?:/icono/alphabets/pdf/LeMondeCourrierPTFaprilfool_pdf.pdf

This offer doesn?t apply to the pack ?Le Monde Courrier X2,?:/alphabets/view/LeMondeCourrierPTFx2 who already beneficiate of special price compared to the purchase of the two regular packs.

Upgrade from ?Le Monde Courrier?:/alphabets/view/LeMondeCourrier is also available, check the ?Upgrades?:/alphabets/upgrade page for more details.