Jean François Porchez international guest of the 6th Diplomado en Tipografía in Chile

The Diplomado en Tipografía in Chile promote the culture of typography from their historical knowledge, theoretical, technical and practical to address the design of digital typefaces. For 6th edition started on April 2015, Jean François Porchez will be the international guest of the year for a full week in August 2015. Several events are organised for his coming, from type crit with the attendees, public talks to type design workshop.

When, where?

Public talk 1: Adding value to the invisibility of typefaces by Jean François Porchez
Tuesday 4th August 2015, 19:00.
Auditorio FADEU, El Comendador 1916, Providencia, Metro Pedro de Valdivia
Online registration

Type design masterclass: Drawing, analysing and understanding the importance of axis, shapes, counters, modularity and terminals when designing a typeface by Jean François Porchez.
Wednesday 5th August 2015, 9:00 to 19:00.
$ 40.000, 15 attendees maximum. More details in Spanish.
Registration by email + Phone + 56 2 2354 5602 + Website

Type crit: Jean François Porchez with Diplomado en Tipografía students.
Thursday 6th August 2015, from 18:30.

Public talk 2: Sabon Next project by Jean François Porchez
Friday 7th August 2015, 18:00.
Place and online registration to be confirmed.


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