typofonderie newyear 2021

This year that is coming to an end will have been full of surprises for all of you. At Typofonderie, after many years of work, we have completed several typeface families in 2020. As you may know, large typeface projects require months and years of collective work. Nevertheless, in the context of this global pandemic, we have decided to postpone the publication of most of them, but not all of them!

Started last summer, in January 2021 we will launch a family of narrow typefaces influenced by Italian signs and this tradition of metal and wood poster typefaces. Condensed typefaces are in a class of their own in the history of typography, in the sense that they are not designed to be read, but seen. This genre appeared in the early industrial era, probably both on the facades of buildings, shops front as well in the first “advertising” posters. This sums up the dilemma of this now-completed project. A little patience for a fuller explanation.

Do you have an incredible project that can’t wait for the launch of the below typeface? Contact us, us to find a solution with you.

typofonderie new typefaces

In October 2020, we’ve published Basco. This new family by Bruno Mello is an exploration of the Renaissance style, a period in which letterforms were informed primarily by hand writing. It is clearly a contemporary interpretation of calligraphic shapes forms. The family includes 9 weights in Roman and italic. The best way to discover Basco is to visit the mini site, in order to test some OpenType features.

typofonderie new typefaces

TypeParis 2021

In March 2020, we took the decision to stop the time of the pandemic this programme and conference cycle. We hope to re-launch TypeParis if health conditions allow, the date to remember is set for March 14, 2021. The team is ready and our ten international guests are confirmed. The TPTalks again be held in Paris every week during this period and remain free on Thursday evenings. In the meantime, subscribe to the mailing list to stay informed, otherwise follow TypeParis on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

typeparis 21

2020 will have been a year full of surprises, a complicated, and sometimes painful year for some, which is coming to an end. We wish you a year 2021 full of hope, and a happy new year to all of you!


Basco minisite
Basco in use
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