typofonderie newyear 2020

We promised few typeface releases meanwhile we told you last december that “we rarely keep our promises”. The reality is that we published two typefaces, Audace and Airco in 2019 at Typofonderie. The new website isn’t either finished, but it’s due to the fact we’ve built a database system from scratch to handle all our operations. We have to launch in 2020 for sure.

Audace was born as a response to a simple brief: how to visually express human interaction and technology with abstract forms? The starting point is a humanistic sanserif, to which are added external references: design pieces, furniture, buildings. Architects shape our world with the intention to reconnect nature, human and address a perfect functionality. Not so far to typeface design which combines a personal vision and ensures good legibility in a certain context.

typofonderie Audace and Airco

Airco is a typeface designed between italic and script styles. The letterform finish is rounded. Designed ultra slanted (27°), the shapes evoke a fast and assertive movement. The result is a human typeface, dynamic, that will visually work well in technology and sport, without ever being dry, rigid or dehumanized.

TypeParis 2020

typeparis 20

The new season of #TypeParis is almost ready. We planned some workshops and the summer programme is open! Apply before the 14 March 2020. The team is evolving a bit and our five international guests are confirmed. For the TypeParis talks, almost all others speakers confirmed too. the TPTalks again be held in Paris every week during this period and remain free on Thursday evenings. In the meantime, subscribe to the mailing list to stay informed, otherwise follow TypeParis on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

What’s new at Typofonderie for 2020?

typofonderie new typefaces

Large typeface projects require months and years of design and productions. But happy to tell you that Aiglon who was started in 2017 is now ready. It is sanserif available in 5 widths, 80 fonts to be launched in 2020. The French didone in different sizes is now almost ready and include great set of ornaments borders, just few kerning pairs missing: this family will be launched in 2020 too. We have also our Caslonian who was late on production this past year. But we are close to the end too. There are other things going on, such another “large sanserif family,https://www.instagram.com/p/B2lg3NMDlmO/ as well the AW Conqueror Sans and external designers are almost ready for a release of their typefaces. You have an incredible project who can’t wait the launch of the typefaces above? Just contact us, to find a solution for you.

We hope that your Christmas holidays will have been joyful and full of surprises. All of us at Typofonderie wish you an incredible New Year’s Eve for this transition to a new decade and we wish you all the best for the new year 2020!


Audace Between geometry & shapes inspired by nature.
Airco Designed between italic and script styles
TypeParis: Registrations before 14 March 2020.