typofonderie newyear 2019

The landmark release of 2018 was the AW Conqueror Didot, a nod to the spirit of phototype typefaces and transfer lettering from the early 70’s. Founded by Ed Rondthaler, Photo-lettering catalogs swarmed with more daring typefaces than the others. Both transfer letter and phototitling have liberated the principle of letter-to-letter spacing, previously impossible with metal type. Phototype allowed operators to position millimeters, on the fly, letter after letter: words, sentences according to the specifications of the art director.

typofonderie AW Conqueror Didot

We also had planned other new things for 2018, and you will say that we rarely keep our promises. This is true, but it is also because we try to publish a typeface family only when it feets with our the high level of requirement we place on our production. This is also why, at the end of this year, we have implemented a new way of designing and producing our fonts. For several years we were on FontLab, Robofont and Superpolator at the same time. But this year, after a long development of a new process that allows extended teamwork, we switched to Glyphs for 80% of our projects and developed some tools in Python for final production. We refurbished Typofonderie in order to improve the team’s working conditions who were a little cramped. At the same time ZeCraft has been working for more than a year on a new Typofonderie website, and it is during the launch of this website that you will discover our projects that go beyond our core fonts business. Of course, we will not promise a launch date, but we look forward to completing it.

TypeParis 2019

typeparis 19

Five years already! We will start this new season of #TypeParis with some new features. TypeParis is an intensive typeface design programme English) during 5 complete weeks. Dates remain the same, from June 10 to July 13, 2019. With two sessions a day, each one is led by a tandem of two instructors whith 340 hours of instruction over the course of five weeks. We are also changing location, in the heart of Bastille area in Paris. The team is evolving, as well as the time schedule organization and some topics. The best way is to visit the dedicated website and discover part of the 2019 New Team and International Guests who have just confirmed their participation. Registrations open until 14 March 2019.

In addition to this intensive typeface development programme, TypeParis talks will again be held in Paris every week during this period. In 2019, it will be on Thursday evenings. In the meantime, subscribe to the mailing list to stay informed, otherwise follow TypeParis on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

What’s new in Typofonderie for 2019?

typofonderie new typefaces

Projects are numerous, often imposing. We have been working on the Aiglon for over a year now. It’s a sans serif in several widths. Romans are almost finished. Italics are on the design desk. The English transitional has moved to kerning phase, but this project is falling behind. The French didone in different sizes and different xheights is moving fast, and the humanistic sans serif announced at TypeCon2018 is also moving forward. Meanwhile, we continue to support typeface designers who are working and advancing on their projects that will also be published by Typofonderie, such as this French latine on the way. If you have a nice graphic project in progress, you can always contact us, us in some cases, we can offer a specific license for some of these upcoming typeface families.

For these traditional wishes for the coming year, it is therefore our turn to wish you a promising and successful 2019 year ahead.


AW Conqueror Didot Homage to 70s phototype typography in 26 fonts.
TypeParis: Registrations before 14 March 2019.