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We exchange regularly via social networks throughout the year: Instagram, Twitter, Behance. But not only. During many conferences and events in recent months, the discussions were fantastic, because nothing replaces real life discussions. These different testimonies of sympathy strengthen us in our desire to create and produce beautiful new typefaces and to promote excellence in the use of typography. It is our turn to wish you a happy new year of 2018, full of promises and success.

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A year ago, we announced a lot of new things for 2017. Let’s check together if we have kept our promises. The first release was Prosaic, new typeface in 18 series designed by Aurélien Vret: Prosaic is radical because it comes from a long artistic reflection of its designer, also a multidisciplinary artist. The Prosaic is also a dual tone typeface because it knows how to serve the readability in very small sizes and bring a sturdy typographic power to large sizes. The second launch was Mencken: sixty-three styles, divided into three widths, three optical sizes, romans, italics, borders and dingbats. Mencken was originally created for the Baltimore Sun in a much less complete version as today version. The third launch, Ysans and Ysans Mondrian version: They form a geometric sans typeface family influenced by Cassandre lettering pieces and the geometric sanserif style from the inter-war period. Ysans takes its sources in certain details imagined by the graphic designer Adolphe Mouron Cassandre for the monogram then logotype Yves Saint Laurent (1961 …) because Ysans was initially designed for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty under the name Singulier. Sadly, we are a little late for AW Conqueror Didot…

Typofonderie new typefaces for 2018

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Some have probably seen over the last few months, via our Instagram Stories that we had many ongoing typeface projects. Our team has expanded in recent months – and without going into details – we have several typeface families from sans serifs to serifs on production. We also intensively support typeface designers who work and advance on their projects that will be published at Typofonderie. Recall that if you have a nice graphic design project going on, you can always contact us, in some cases we can offer a specific license for some of these typeface families to come. Other good surprises that go beyond the heart of our business are planned for 2018.

TypeParis 2018

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Following the great success of the three previous editions of #TypeParis the 2018 edition will take place one week earlier this year, from June 11th to July 13th, 2018. It is an intensive type design programme”:https://www.typeparis.com/ (English) and lasts 5 days a week for 5 weeks. Visit the website to discover the new 2018 team. Applications open until March 14, 2018.

In addition, TypeParis talks will be organized in Paris every week during this period. Until then, subscribe to the mailing list to stay informed, otherwise follow TypeParis on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.


Prosaic, a Postmodern vernacular sanserif by Aurélien Vret.
Mencken + Mencken Head, an American Scotch typeface remixed à la française
Ysans, fashion style meets typography.
TypeParis: Apply before March 14, 2018.