typofonderie newyear 2017

For this new year 2017 we wish you very promising and successful year. Best wishes of happiness and prosperity. Thank you for your support, dear typeface users, from amateurs to top experts. Also to anyone we’ve had pleasure to discuss with on Instagram, Twitter, Behance as well in real life meetings!

For our 2016 wishes, we’ve explained being late for some projects in progress, without any specific release date (let’s remain humble on this subject)… What’s up a year later? We are rather on time, Typofonderie launches in 2016 prove it:
PS Fournier: A tribute to the French modern typography era by Stéphane Elbaz
AW Conqueror: STD and PRO versions launched
Stéphane Elbaz’s Geneo Update
Ambroise: Second birth of the Ambroise and the new italics
Parisine: Introducing narrow and compressed families

Typofonderie fonts announced for 2017

typofonderie new typefaces

The first 2017 release of the year will be a sanserif, created by Aurélien Vret who works with us on his project since 2012. A long accompaniment, many exchanges, endless optimizations steps, innumerable details corrected; because quality goes above everything else what stands out at Typofonderie. You will hear more about it within few weeks!

The next release is the Mencken, started by Jean François Porchez in 2004 as part of the The Baltimore Sun project with Lucie Lacava, this project has gone through many phases until this great family of 63 fonts. The AW Conqueror Didot and Sans are progressing well, the extended family AW Conqueror Didot is just completed and will be released in 2017. Initially created for YSL Beauty in 2011 under the name Singulier, Ysans has reached its final stage of production, and is expected to be released soon too. Already a long list, hard to say more, but we have other outstanding projects with extrenal designers who are progressing well too. Stay patient, and if you have a nice project in progress, you can always contact us in some cases, we can offer a specific license for some of these typeface families.

Ze Boutique

typofonderie new typefaces

We have accumulated for many years many things that we’ve produced along our typefaces. As designers we appreciate tangible things, not just digital tools like our fonts yet fabulously useful in everyday life. This is why at Typofonderie we love printed specimens, stickers, and other objects that remind us of our love of typography. Rather than distributing them only to our customers with their purchase we have launched a new section called Ze Boutique which enables you to acquire our type specimens and other collectors at prices generally equivalent to shipping costs. This is an imperfect intermediate solution before better in the months to come, enjoy it right now.

TypeParis 2017

typeparis 17

Following the sucess of the previous editions of #TypeParis the 2017 edition will take place between 19 June 2017 and 21 July 2017. This is a comprehensive type design programme (in English) with happen 5 days per week over 5 weeks. Apply before 17 March 2017!

In addition to the TypeParis Talks organized in Paris every weeks during the summer, TypeParis launches TypeParis Sessions No1, a new event open to all, but a free registration is required (to be announced on typeparis.com). Ten speakers, specialized in typography, lettering, typeface design will present their recent projects and visions for 2017! Until then, please register to the mailing list in order to be informed.

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