elysee.fr set in le Monde Livre Classic

Okay, we agree that that isn’t a symbol at the level of 2007 Obama’s campaign set in H&FJ’s Gotham, still we are very happy to announce that the French presidency website, elysee.fr use Le Monde Livre Classic as principal headline typeface. How it happened is an interesting story: In October 2012, when Le Monde Livre Classic was launched, one of the first purchases of this revamped family was made by Textuel La Mine. Nothing incredible, until few days later when we received a call from the Présidence saying that they wanted to set Élysée.fr in our typeface. A sudden joy filled the air at the foundry. Then, we heard that during the redesign they were stuck about typeface choices until Nicolas Vanbremeersch suggested Le Monde Livre Classic. His proposal was rapidly endorsed by the team as an obvious choice. It simply worked:

Ten days ago, as part of the redesign of the Élysée, which my agency provides assistance to contracting owner, it was faced with a deadlock: the creative team could not find a typeface that works. When the project manager told me about the problem, I saw in my RSS feed updating your blog. Le Monde Livre Classic has become obvious, and that I was able to convince the team as something very natural: In one side, the typeface fit perfectly Élysée style, and it seemed rather nice that the Presidency website pays homage to French typographers most worthy to be included, Jean François Porchez.

During the following weeks, we have discussed about the implementation of the fonts on the web, and with the good help of Typekit Le Monde Livre Classic was quickly implemented on their system.

We are indeed very proud to see Le Monde Livre Classic used on elysee.fr. It’s an adequate use of a french typeface for the premier french institution. We can say that’s a good choice not only because this typeface fits the design brief: classic, legible, contemporary but with clear French Renaissance roots but because it makes sense. It’s a good support of French typeface design.

Set in Le Monde Livre Classic Pro, available at Typofonderie.


The elysee.fr is a responsive website which was redesigned over the past months by a team including Textuel La Mine, Clever Age Spintank and the Cellule Internet de la Présidence de la République.

→ Le Monde Livre Classic
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