The french and parisian highly reputed ESAG organised a jury for their final year diploma 2001. I was jury member among around 50 others members. Among few students meet during a long day last monday, I have pointed few of them.

Marion Le Goanvec for her photography study around the idea that a same subject can be seen in fully different way, even if at 1 m distance from one point to another. Final booklet, layout, choice of typefaces was simply excellent.

Ondine Simon project was a clearly analyse of occidental formats such golden section. Simple and efficient. The coolest part was her own new ratio called Simon jaune who compile most of available ratio into one. Check this too.

Julia Boutboul topic, called Manipulations visuelles is a large overview of typical things that graphic designers, typographers deal with almost everyday: horizontal stripes doesn?t equal visually vertical stripes, etc. She created various tools to make her points, including contextual use of colours.

Along my three preferred diplomas, many others have been very interesting, fun, qualitative: Mathilde Huron beautiful 200 pages layout about brainstorm. Gaëlle Le Gelard very large book + images about the 60th parallel. Shih Che Yin incredibly good comparison between Paris and Taipei way of life. I?m sure to have missed few others good projects!

Open until Sunday 27 June 2011.

Jean François Porchez.