DiaTipo São Paulo 2015: Jean François Porchez

The DiaTipo is a gathering about typography which began in 2008 in Sao Paulo as informal meetings. Over time, the event has grown, becoming a conference for hundreds of people. Nowadays the editions takes place in different cities in Brazil, attracting national and international audience. This event is considered as one of the majors in the country. Consisting of lectures, discussions and workshops, the DiaTipo brings together typographers, calligraphers, designers, researchers, communication professionals and other enthusiasts of letters. For the 2015 edition, Jean François Porchez will be speaking. He will also be conducting a type design workshop and typecrit the days before.

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About the type design workshop

Rather than learning to finish a typeface, you will learn with Jean François Porchez about methods and process. The idea is to give the key to understand how shapes can work together and what to do in order to start any typeface project. How crucials the counters are for good design.

– Shapes versus outlines.
– Analysis of the shapes, what is a counter, how the understanding of counters are crucial for good design.
– Oblique axis, vertical axis.
– How to deal with endings, serifs, terminals on lowercases.
– The multitude of systems inherent to a good design and how they work together, how a typeface should be modular without being geometric.
– What is the necessary degree of precision on drawings: tangible on tracing paper as well with Béziers curves.

When, where?

Type design: projetando letras: com Jean François Porchez
Thursday 3rd December 2015. Sign up.

Type Critique: com Pablo Cosgaya, Marcela Romero & Jean François Porchez.
Friday 4th December 2015, from 10:00. Sign up.

Talk: Adding value to the invisibility of typefaces by Jean François Porchez
Saturday 5th December 2015, 15:00. Online registration.

DiaTipo at Senac Lapa Faustolo.
Rua Fáustolo, 1347 – Lapa, São Paulo – SP, 05041-001, Brasil


DiaTipo São Paulo 2015
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