[righthand] Yves Peters, under his pen name, Bald Condensed, wrote a very ?nice review?:http://www.typographer.org/2005_05_01_digests.html#111668278288994728 (at the end of the 21st May post), of ?Deréon,?:/alphabets/view/Dereon the recent font design for Beyoncé fashion line ?House of Deréon.?:gazette/hot_news/?id=223 It is especially interesting, knowing that he is a drummer who has always been into Funk music since long, that he gets the point to Deréon?s design when he writes: It?s sharp, it?s lively and reflects perfectly the spirit of R&B and hip-hop music. Deréon is a prime example of a typeface that was designed according to a clearly defined concept that does work. We may point out also, that we concur very much to his conclusion, Deréon rekindles my faith in commissioned type design for advertising. It proves that this particular field still has room for imaginative, daring, personable work, and isn?t restricted to the maiming of classic faces {?}, the mimicking of classic faces {?} or plain rip-offs {?}. (See the actual review for more references).