[lettrine]T[/lettrine]he new book from Jan Middendorp is now available. Designed by Nick Sherman, its a valuable collection of the Creative Characters interviews originally made for myfonts.

With the most influential type designers in the business as well as up-and-coming young guns about the motives and methods behind the typefaces, the book adds great value to the interviews with the extra illustrations of type samples and showings of graphic designs, sketches and sources. Include interviews made about Jim Parkinson, Underware, David Berlow, Alejandro Paul, Veronika Burian, Rian Hughes, Cristian Schwartz and many more. The interview of Jean François Porchez is indeed included.

As a bonus for those who are fascinated by how typefaces are made, the book includes a concise beginner?s guide to type design by world-renowned specialist Adam Twardoch.

[list]Creative Characters[/list]]By Jan Middendorp, design Nick Sherman.[/]28 × 21,5 cm, 192 pages.[/]? 24. Buy it directly through BIS publishers.[/]Original interview of Jean François Porchez on its online version.[/