AW Conqueror free fonts designed by Jean Francois Porchez, Typofonderie for Arjowiggins

We should recall that a paper collection is generally based on similar roots, with various ’flavors,’ colors. A collection of typefaces should reflect this similar mood, even the style of papers should be reflected into the fonts. Each of the members try their best to be different from the others because of their features. They should work harmoniously in contrast.

Jean François Porchez was approached at the end of 2009 by Reflex Image to create a set of typefaces to relaunch the Conqueror papers collection. An important website and various others communications material was created by the agency. The designer Seb Lester and the photographer Thomas Brown have been hired to created various visuals using Conqueror fonts.

For the first showing to the agency, we’ve created a set of fake in use pieces using the AW Conqueror fonts (at the time with a very small glyph set who explain some fake texts). The idea was to recreate a 60-70’s ambiance to clearly the set the general feeling of the typeface family.

Launched at the end of August 2010 by Arjowiggins, AW Conqueror is a family of Free fonts available at website. This family include 5 variations with great potential: Small glyph sets, mostly all caps, but based on same structure, with some connection between them (width for example), to offer a great & easy titling toolbox to any designers, from skillful to beginner.

The fonts will be available at the Conqueror website for free until the 1st April 2012. The licence follow the usual commercial font licence, so you can use for any projects, but not allowed to distribute the fonts to third parties. The only difference is that you don’t have to paid for your licence. Indeed, feel free to contact us in case of specific requests about the family, such additional weights, specific needs not available on the existing set. Embedding and use as webfonts (fontface) is not covered by the license. Using the fonts AW Conqueror in products as main element, such on scrapbooks, posters displaying full glyph set are not covered. Check our own license, for more explanations about potential limits.

AW Conqueror is family created for Arjowiggins in 5 variations.
update: The AW Conqueror fonts are now available from and remain free.