It becomes increasingly difficult to write a comprehensive report year after year, because they all seem close to identical, as if nothing really new appears each year in France. I do not wish to say that there are no initiatives! Many small events are organized during the year, and more will take place. What is difficult – close to impossible – is to make some general statements on the use of type or type trends, or on piracy or the type market in general. But I will try.

New trends

As in any country, there are always some trends in the use of particular fonts. This year the font we saw most in packaging is the core Apple TrueType font called Textile. In magazines, Thesis, Meta, Trade Gothic, DIN and Trebuchet seem to be successful along with the now classic Minion and Myriad. Fashion magazines use trendier fonts such as Tarzana in Biba and Champion in Marie Claire, the biggest sellers. In newspapers, Le Monde remains unique in using custom fonts, others use standard fonts such as Linotype Centennial for text in Le Figaro or Minion in Liberation; only Le Parisien uses an original typeface, Poynter Gothic as headline face. In the cultural arena and in museums we see more contemporary fonts, but they come in ‘waves’, as if graphic designers decide collectively to use one typeface for everything each year. A good example is the new identity for the Centre Beaubourg which ceased to use the acclaimed logotype designed by Jean Widmer and the ‘typewriter’ custom font designed by Hans Jurg Hunziker, both created at the inception of the Centre in the early 1970s. The new identity created by Rudi Baur is now based on the use of DIN everywhere – not very interesting.

On the matter of the type market, big design agencies finally began to understand that they need to follow the rules and pay for huge libraries of typefaces, generally Adobe or Agfa libraries because they are easier to purchase: just one CD, ‘et voilà.’ Unfortunately, what designers increasingly want to use are the typefaces from smaller foundries, which are not available via major suppliers. The problems start here, because such companies don’t buy fonts via the web by credit card but at receipt of invoices, 30 to 90 days after, so piracy remains the easiest way in many cases. Meanwhile, magazines such SVM Mac have started to review fonts just like any other software product, and list prices, distributor or original foundry contacts, indicating that the typefaces are real products with the same value as other software.

As I indicated in previous reports, custom fonts for corporate identity and companies in general have enjoyed a certain success during the last few years here, and this is good news. This phenomenon is probably due to the fact that France has remained a centralized country, where everything is decided from ‘headquarters’ in Paris.
Here follows a more pragmatic list of regular events, news and also a list of contacts for the past year from October 2000 to August 2001.

Doyald Young, conference & exhibition in Paris in October 2000. In October we organized a lecture and exhibition of Doyald Young, and published a poster to promote the event. Sadly, Doyald Young suffered a heart attack the day of his lecture and Jef Tombeur and myself replaced him for the evening. Now Doyald Young has recovered. New home page: We’ve put online some information in French about ATypI, and some of its activities, such as new conferences, past country delegate reports for France, and a translation of ‘Buk:varaz,’ the international type design competition organized by Maxim Zhukov for ATypI.

Exhibitions, Conferences

Alliance Graphique Internationale
Annual congress will be in Paris between 26 and 30 September 2001. The Bibibliothèque nationale de France and Centre Pompidou will organize some related events on graphic design. Centre Pompidou already presented a selection of young graphic designers during spring 2001.

Lure 2000
‘Typographier l’Espace’ was the title of the last annual conference. So, most of the conference focused on signage, maps, information design for public space, web maps and so on. Despite some difficulties in organization, the annual August week was an enjoyable moment.

Lure 2001
At the time of writing, the annual meeting of Rencontres internationale de Lure has not started, but the program already announced several interesting topics, such LateX, markup languages, database, E-book and typography, new areas for reading and type design, and some presentations by book designers.

Custom fonts presentation during Salon Pao 2001
Olivier Nineuil organized an exhibit of most of the custom fonts to date created in France accompagned by few international examples. More than fifty typefaces by designers such Albert Boton, Ladislas Mandel, Adrian Frutiger, Jean-François Porchez, Xavier Dupré, Olivier Nineuil, Franck Jalleau, Serge Cortesi, Eric de Berranger, Matthew Carter, Jonathan Hoefler… were displayed on big panels. Sponsored by Martine Turner of Agfa France.

Type Directors Club, TDC2
As in past years, France welcomed the TDC Exhibit from New York, but sadly, the type design section was generally not presented. Another concern is the bad choice of the place to set up the exhibit. For a few years now, it has been located inside a big, commercial 3 day-expo – not the best place for such a quality exhibit.

Associations & Non-Profit Initiatives

Galerie Anatome
A new forum appeared in Paris last autumn dedicated to the organisation of graphic design exhibitions together with lectures. A book shop and library is also located in the same place. The last exhibit was on Philippe Apeloig, the French typographer who now lives in New York. Galerie Anatome, 38 rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris, Telephone 33 (0)1 48 06 98 81, Fax 33 (0)1 55 28 79 00, E-mail

A non-profit collective website conducted by Damien Gautier which presents several typefaces and links to original foundries. The biographies of the designers are also available together with some information on typographic rules, history, etc.

Rencontres internationales de Lure
The oldest French association of typographers.
Rencontres internationales de Lure, Evelyn Audureau (President) 12bis rue Soyer, 9220 Neuilly-sur- Seine. Telephone and fax 33 (0) 1 42 55 79 13. Web
Jean-Christophe Loubet del Bayle continued the publication of his online magazine on typography: ‘Les temps typographiques’, the last issue included an article on Ambre Script, Christophe Badani on his new foundry, and a photo report from Lurs-en-Provence, etc.
E-mail Web

Typographie-Irisa mailing list
The francophone mailing list on typography.

GUTenberg (Association GUTenberg).
This association aims to bring together the French users of TeX.
Association GUTenberg, c/o Jacques André, irisa/inria Rennes, Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu, F-35042 Rennes. E-mail,

Christophe Badani with Jean-Christophe Loubet del Bayle created this new website dedicated to calligraphy. Interesting news and galleries, good list of most French schools and workshops on this subject.


Scriptorium de Toulouse
An excellent independent school of type design, typography, and calligraphy conducted by Bernard Arin since 1968. They organized two successful workshops this year, the first on calligraphy of the earliest roman writing and a second on page layout and rules such as the golden section. He also opened his own minimal website.
Scriptorium de Toulouse, Bernard Arin, 246 chemin de Tournefeuille, 31300 Toulouse. Telephone 33 (0) 5 61 49 20 09. E-mail,

Atelier National de Recherche Typographique
Created in 1985, directed by Peter Keller from 1990. One-year postgraduate typography course. ANRT, École nationale supérieure d’art, Boite postale 3129, 54013 Nancy, Telephone 33 (0)3 83 41 62 82, Fax 33 (0)3 83 41 51 93, E-mail

Atelier de Création Typographique
Created in 1991 by Franck Jalleau & Michel Derre. Two-year courses devoted to type design.
ACT, École suprieure Estienne, 18 Boulevard Auguste-Blanqui, 75013 Paris. Telephone 33 (0) 1 43 36 96 19.


The only book published on typography to our knowledge is a new french version of the Adrian Frutiger book “l’Homme et ses signes” by Atelier Perrousseaux éditeur. Atelier Perrousseaux’s website features news on French type events among his catalogue of type and graphic books.

SVM Mac now review each month a typeface family as any other software product. Most of the articles have been written by Eric de Berranger. Incomplete list of typefaces reviewed to date: Ambre Script, Anisette, ITC Cerigo, FF DIN, Mrs Eaves, Frutiger, Georgia/Verdana, ITC Legacy, ITC Stone, Optima, FF Meta, Parisine, Présence, Tarzana, etc. Étapes Graphiques has published a few articles on type designers. An interesting one on Hans Eduard Meyer and his Syntax by Roxane Jubert. Création Numérique also publish articles on type designers, mainly French ones despite a recent one on Neville Brody.

Individual Typefoundries

This year, more and more new small foundries!

Les Besnard Typo
Two french artists who published several typeface families via ITC and Agfa.

Blue fonts
Benoît Desprez publishes several freeware and sells retail fonts through his website.
Les rats bleus. BP 3037, 69394 Lyon cedex 03, Telephone 33 (0) 4 37 91 01 02, Fax 33 (0) 4 72 68 03 29, E-Mail,

Bonté Divine! on a new name: ABC typo
Olivier Nineuil just integrate a design company to create a new department specialised on custom fonts. He recently created a corporate font for Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation. He seems to continue to distribute his own Bonté Divine fonts too.
ABC typo. 94 avenue de Villiers. 75017 Paris France. Telephone 01 40 54 68 58, fax 01 40 54 52 23, email

Albert Boton
Albert Boton distributes directly his fonts. Albert Boton, Telephone & Fax 33 (0)1 42 40 21 55

Thierry Gouttenègre
Belgian type designer who worked for Alfac in the past. He designed recently a family based on Louis Jou’s typefaces.

Fonderie Nordique
A new foundry in Lille which presents several typefaces. E-mail,

La Fonderie
No new fonts this year.
La Fonderie, 8, rue des Lyonnais, 75005 Paris, Telephone & Fax 33 (0) 1 43 37 48 24, E-mail :,

La Laiterie
A new foundry which present the typefaces of Julien Janiszewski La Laiterie, 11 rue Rémy de Gourmont, 75019 Paris, E-mail,

Porchez Typofonderie
Directed since 1994 by Jean-François Porchez (Vice-Preisdent of ATypI). Secure payment and immediate font download. Two new families, Ambroise, and Anisette Petite. Porchez Typofonderie, 14 rue Paul Bert, 92240 Malakoff, Telephone 33 (0) 1 46 54 26 92, Fax 33 (0) 1 46 54 04 64,

Présence Typo
Owned by Thierry Puyfoulhoux. New families include Classica Prestige a huge family with many ligatures and alternates; Tangram based on the forms of the chinese game. Présence Typo, Rue de Pouzenc, 05200 Baratier, Telephone & Fax 33 (0) 4 92 43 32 59, E-mail,

Qui résiste?
Owned by Pierre di Sciullo. No new fonts this year. Qui résiste?, E-mail,

Radiateur fontes
Owned by Jean-Jacques Tachdjian.
Radiateur Fontes, Telephone 33 (0)3 20 54 15 48, Fax 33 (0)3 20 57 51 34, Email,

Christophe Badani redesigned his own website in 2001. He is starting to sell some type families such Ambre Script. Good explanations about his lettering design.
Typophage, 93, boulevard Jean-Jaurès, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, Telephone & Fax 33 (0) 1 41 31 21 23, Email,

Type Distributors

Adobe France, ZI La Fosse à la Barbière, 4, rue Germain-Planqué, 93609 Aulnay-sous-Bois cedex, order from european headquarters in Great Britain and from their website.

Agfa Monotype
Martine Turner, from Agfa France has published a well-executed leaflet designed by Olivier Nineuil of most of Albert Boton typefaces. Agfa-Gevaert SA, 274-276, bd Napoléon-Bonaparte, BP 301, 92506 Rueil- Malmaison Cedex, Telephone 33 (0)1 47 32 69 19,

FontShop France, Telephone 33 (0) 1 44 38 11 40, Web,

Signum Art
Signum Art, Telephone 33 (0) 1 48 89 60 46, E-mail