Roasted Typography at Belleville

Since September 2013, the Belleville coffe house roast coffee sourced from producers and importers who share a passion and a common requirement. David Flynn describe Belleville as “a rather new place of roasting coffee in Paris specializing in small batches of great tasting coffee.”

Ardoise, a Parisian typeface for Belleville

Ardoise in use by Belleville

Ardoise in use by Belleville
Ardoise used on the Belleville coffe labels.

It was a nice surprise to discover their very sharp choice of characters for their small venture, but David explanation make sense: “Since our coffees change all the time, we knew we needed a primarily typographic solution and wanted a typeface that was clear and very legible but also not at all fussy and with a very “french” feeling. We thought Ardoise, accomplished all of these goals and we’re very happy to work with a typeface from a Paris based typefoundry. The label design was developed in-house.”

This coffee house has been set up by three coffee experts, Anselme Blayney, David Flynn and Thomas Lehoux who have built a very nice place! Visit them next time you’re in Paris, or simply enjoy their propduct via their website.

Ardoise in use by Belleville


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