Allumi Std Dingbats: free font
Allumi Std Dingbats mixed with Allumi Pro Extended Black and Allumi Pro ExtraLight.

Launched in 2009, beside our now successful Allumi, the free Allumi Dingbats was not available anymore since we launched 2012 the new version of our website This summer is the perfect time to bring it back.

Since its launch, Allumi Pro offers a large set of Dingbats for compositions with dark or transparent background. Designed to match with each of the available weights, the dingbats in Allumi Pro Light will be lighter than the dingbats in Allumi Pro Black. We are pleased to offer you two free versions of Allumi Std Dingbats, built from the dingbats available with Allumi Pro Regular. Furthermore, if you need additional specific weights of the dingbats, the best remains to look at the Allumi Pro family. This free set of Dingbats is obviously designed to let you evaluate Typofonderie fonts.

To download these two free fonts, just add them (from the bottom of the page) to your shopping cart. Recall that it’s not because it’s free to download it that this is free to share it. To use Allumi Std Dingbats, you must agree to the term of the license.

Allumi Std Dingbats: free font
Allumi Pro’s dingbats in ExtraLight versus Black.
Allumi Std Dingbats glyph sets.

Allumi Std Dingbats

→ Price of the license: free
→ Download: Allumi Std Dingbats (from the bottom of the page)
Allumi specimen
Allumi Pro from €55 by font.