Jean François Porchez speaking at TYPO Berlin 2015

TYPO Berlin is in its 20th year running as Europe’s biggest and most successful design event. And since 2011, annual TYPO conferences have also been held to wide acclaim in San Francisco and London. In an eclectic mix of talks, influential thinkers cover social trends, ideas, concepts, technological innovation and the valid principles of good design. From Ed Benguiat to Jessica Hische and Gerard Unger talking type and lettering; to Wim Crouwel, Paula Scher, April Greiman and Stefan Sagmeister speaking on design; to Ian Anderson and David Carson exploring new visual languages: the list of TYPO alumni reads as a who’s who of the creative world.

For the first time, Jean François Porchez will speak at TYPO Berlin about how adding value to the invisibility of typefaces. As well as typography has long been understood as the heart of graphic design, it perfectly emphasizes the adage that a good design is a design that cannot be seen. So how can we develop something that is invisible?

Extracts from Jean François Porchez’s talk

Jean François Porchez speaking at TYPO Berlin 2015

When, where?

Jean François Porchez Talk
Thursday 21 May 2015. 15:00
Room: Show.

TYPO Berlin 2015 (German-English)
Thursday 21 May 2015 to Saturday 23 May 2015.
John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10
10557 Berlin
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