[lettrine]T[/lettrine]he ?Mencken?:/alphabets/view/MenckenText family was created by Jean François Porchez for ?The Baltimore Sun?:http://www.baltimoresun.com/ redesign, launched on 19th September 2005. The Mencken family includes various members: ?Text,?:/alphabets/view/MenckenText Subhead, ?Head,?:/alphabets/view/MenckenHead Head Narrow, Head Compressed, Nameplates, each of them specially designed for their own function. Focus groups conducted during the redesign period liked the Mencken family; 75 percent preferred Mencken over the previous Sun typefaces. The family?s name Mencken is a tribute to ?H.L. Mencken?s?:http://www.mencken.org/ journalistic contributions to The Sun.