Porchez Typofonderie acquire Fonderie Olive

We are proud to announce the acquisition of the Fonderie Olive. Fonderie Olive is a famous French type foundry established in Marseille, around the middle of the last century, and managed by Mr Olive, who appointed Mr Excoffon as Type director. They published many successful typefaces during their existence, such as Mistral, Banco, Choc, Vendôme, etc. This acquisition will be a renaissance for French typography, as we will digitize all the historical typefaces from the original punches provided by the widow of Mr Olive. Ultimately, typefaces like Mistral will be available as OpenType fonts with all original ligatures and alternates never published in past digital versions. Next week, the first typeface family will be launched in OpenType format, based on Antique Olive, with a special feature which digitally emulates the smell of the Provence olives.