A good taste cost less: Ambroise

Ambroise by Typofonderie

Ambroise attempts to reproduce more of what we see printed on paper in the 19th century; a more accurate representation of Didot punches. So, the unbracketed serifs are not truly square straight-line forms but use tiny transitional curves instead. The result on the page appear more softer and less straight, particularly in larger sizes.

In use: La Belle Juliette

La Belle Juliette, Emmanuel Blondiau, Le Monde Sans, Le Monde Livre

La Belle Juliette is a new hotel located in Paris’s Latin quarter. The hotel owners have worked closely with Emmanuel Blondiau, a talented graphic designer (under his company, Neutre) based in Belgium. Within months of collaboration, he built a magnificent graphic identity for this hotel, mainly using typography, revisiting the past and tradition.