In use: The Reflex Group wise choice of AW Conqueror for their Seat Maybelline ads

Seat Maybelline AW Conqueror font inuse at typofonderie

In recent years, bespoke typefaces help companies to express their identity through all the communication materials. Many designers and art directors are confident that these unique fonts reinforce the company’s branding. Seat, like many automakers, has its own bespoke typeface and all design agencies, advertising companies must to use it without limit. But there always are special cases where the good and beautiful corporate typeface does not work perfectly.

In use: Modern Art Club

Apolline in use by Amélie Lebleu. Modern Art Club

Amélie Lebleu is a graphic designer in love with typography. On her portfolio we can find quite good exhibit catalogs and exhibit identities. For Musée du Luxembourg she opted for a real typographical bias: rather than designing a catalog including reproductions of paintings, she deliberately and solely focused on typography, a unique typeface, a unique Apolline weight but two colors.

Costa, a mediterranean style sanserif

Costa, a mediterranean style sanserif

The original idea of Costa was to create a contemporary mediterranean typeface style. Costa is a synthesis of the purity, as found on Greek capitals, and softness, found in Renaissance scripts. First thing was the design concept that take its roots on the Chancery script. Such writing style appeared during Italian Renaissance. Later few typefaces have been developed from such cursive models. Today most serifed typeface italic take their roots on such triangular structure we can find on gylphs like the n, p, or d.

France looks at Le Monde set in le Monde Livre Classic

Okay, we agree that that isn’t a symbol at the level of 2007 Obama campaign set in H&FJ’s Gotham, still we are very happy to announce that the French presidency website, Élysé use Le Monde Livre Classic as principal headline typeface.

About Geneo typographic specimen

Interview of Félix Demargne

Few weeks ago, we received the printed specimens of the recently launched Geneo. For this new typeface, we decided with Stéphane Elbaz to ask Félix Demargne, a talentued graphic designer, to design the new typeface specimen. We through that it would be a good thing to ask a few questions to the really first user of this wonderful typeface. Here after are his answers…

Parisine Plus and its fancy type effects

Parisine Plus by Typofonderie

Started as an informal versions of Parisine, Parisine Plus was designed with the idea of bringing to a sanserif a lot from what we can generally find in serif typefaces. Serif typefaces are built on long tradition of letterforms taking their roots on writing. It is less directly the case with sanserif. Parisine Plus can be described as a “lineale garalde” or a Humanistic sans depending which typeface classification system you prefer. Humanistic sanserif are praised for their legibility and the rhythm they bring to paragraphs.