2003’ Relaunch

In December 2003, typofonderie.com was relaunched after a major redesign from scratch for the first time in its existence. This new version of the website is a major step who let us able to manage the content online directly and more easily. It was the only way to propose in the future, OpenType families too. This time, rather than doing most of the design himself, Jean François Porchez asked to Jérôme Vogel to do it. So, we contacted him to learn more about the process.

ATypI report 2003 for France

In 2003, we launched a new website in French, www.typographe.com where a team (opened to all francophone, from Belgium to Canada) publishes various news on typography during the year. The intention of this platform is to become the dominant tool to compile most of things happened in France related to typography. Indeed, visitors are allowed to post their comments.


Parisine Regular in big size

There are two common approaches to typeface design. The first is to design a new typeface to your personal taste, following your own rules or restrictions; and distribute it either through a type distributor or directly. The second is to work for a particular client on a commission. Besides the fact that the financial aspect is more secure, this method offers an opportunity to design a typeface following a very narrow design brief, suggested by the client or governed by the client’s particular needs and uses. Technical, historical or design considerations are all quite difficult to imagine if you design a typeface for your own use.

Un logotype autrement

C’est une petite commande de logotype, venant d’un ex étudiant de Jean François Porchez, Kamy Pakdel, depuis Directeur Artistique des éditions Autrement. Le travail a eu lieu durant l’été 2002, il était intéressant d’y revenir, du fait de l’omni présence de la forme typographique, un cas d’école en quelque sorte.

ATypI report 2001 for France

It becomes increasingly difficult to write a comprehensive report year after year, because they all seem close to identical, as if nothing really new appears each year in France. I do not wish to say that there are no initiatives! Many small events are organized during the year, and more will take place.

Where are the typonews websites?

Originally published in 2001, in 2008 this article is already historical. How many website survived from this period? Even if we don’t refer to the design who changed dramatically, thanks to the CSS, the websites who still updated should be today considered as anscetors, such Typographer or the MS typography page to take to very different sources (a simple blog and a page from a major corporation).

A Christmas story

One hundred years ago, during the evening of the 22nd of December 1900, the students of the “Illumination” class at the Central School of Arts and Crafts, and their tutor and mentor, Edward Johnston gathered together in their second floor classroom…