Type History 1

Featured here is the first part of a small history of type. This history, normally told from the Anglo-Saxon point of view, is from a French perspective, allowing the reader to form one’s own opinion. Part Two, covering the twentieth century and recent history, is also available.

Ladislas Mandel

Le créateur de caractères typographiques Ladislas Mandel est mort à son domicile du Paradou (Bouches-du-Rhône) samedi 21 octobre. Il était âgé de 85 ans. D’origine hongroise, né le 26 mai 1921 à Oradea (Roumanie), il arrive en France en 1936 et étudie aux Beaux-Arts de Rouen. Mandel est engagé chez Deberny et Peignot en 1954 et devient l’assistant d’Adrian Frutiger, alors jeune directeur artistique de la fonderie de Charles Peignot.

Ambroise typeface in details

The typeface Ambroise is a contemporary interpretation of various typefaces belonging to Didot’s late style, conceived circa 1830, including the original forms of g, y, &; and to a lesser extent, k. These characters are found in Vibert’s typefaces. Vibert was one of the appointed punchcutters of the Didot dynasty. Punch cutting at the time was a hard and long task.

ATypI survey 2004

In recent years many changes have taken place in the word of type. Indeed, ATypI had learnt from that; as one example, in 1993 the fringe conference TypeLab appeared, which continued as an integral part of the annual conference, in one guise or another.

Parisian type underground

The quarries below the city of Paris have been a mirror and memorial o events for nearly 300 years, with a long tradition of writing and painting on the walls. Parisian Art Underground explores the diversity of the visual statements that successive generations have left behind in these fantastic and often phantasmoagoric images and words.

The value of type

While perhaps not visible to everyone, in type design there are an infinite number of ways to make variation, innovation and improvement, and opportunities to express personal preference. To a lay person the differences between typefaces might be difficult to spot, that does not mean that these differences do not exist, it does not mean that the differences are meaningless