Type@Paris: apply to the summer 2015 typeface design program in Paris

Type@Paris: apply to the summer 2015 typeface design program in Paris

Since many years, graphic designers, customers ask us questions about where they could learn to create typefaces without taking a year off at MATD or KABK. This is in order to respond to what’s missing in Europe, particularly in France, that we have decided to work on this project since summer 2014. We’re now proud to announce the launch of this new Typofonderie activity. Type@Paris is the first intensive type design program in Paris, offering a unique approach in Europe to learn type design from scratch (or almost) following a long tradition of curriculum started in France in the 70’s.

The Typofonderie type specimens collection

The Typofonderie type specimen collection

Since 1994, for each typeface published by Typofonderie, a printed specimen is designed. The explanation is very simple: before the web, this was in fact the only way to present correctly a typeface. The web has changed that, a lot. What’s the function of a typeface specimen? A real tool for graphic designers, to check the style and functionalities of typefaces they may potentially need as part of any new projects?

Introducing try-out fonts #2

Introducing Try-out fonts: Angie Sans, Anisette Petite, Apolline, Ardoise, Mislab

Following last year success, we are so happy to launch a second set of Try-out fonts this year. The online samples, pdfs and printed specimens, online testing help to confirm if a typeface can be appropriate to a new project. But you want to be sure the quality is there. It’s only when your fonts are installed that you can really confirm if the expected quality is there. It’s why we have introduced what we call Try-out fonts. Enjoy!