Gérard Blanchard: 6 September, 1998

Gérard Blanchard (1927-1998) had worked in many facets of type and graphic related industries, as a graphic designer, engraver, illustrator, writer and historian. His work brought him into touch with many well known designers including Roger Excoffon, Maximilien Vox and José Mendoza. As a writer and historian his work was internationally recognised and drew a wide audience. It is a great shame that his work is not more widely translated.

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It looked at me. All round. His face wouldn’t leave me. Again today, I asked myself why. And how? I recall the first time we met. It was in 1994, towards the end of the year. Jean-François Porchez had come, carefully bringing his typeface to Le Monde. In great secrecy, Jean-François Fogel & Nathalie Baylaucq, who were busily cooking up our new systems, considered this face damned seriously.